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Indoor Pickleball

Abbotsford's only Indoor Pickleball Club

Play, Socialize, Relax

TopSpin Pickleball Club Abbotsford is designed with you in mind.  2 indoor courts and a beautiful lounge

Indoor pickleball court and practice area

What we offer

We are the Premium Pickleball Experience!  You get the TopSpin difference every time, no rain, no wind, and the perfect bounce!  
Come Experience it yourself!


- 2 Courts

- Practice area

-  Players lounge

- Lockers

- Sport Master surface

(USA Pickleball approved)

- League Play

-  Professional Instruction

-  Membership Options

- Beginner Programs

- Kids Camps

- Corporate Events

-Family Parties

Workout Facility

The TOPSPIN Difference

How to play

How do I experience the TopSpin Difference

Pickleball Memberships
Pickleball Corporate Events
Beginner Pickleball
Pickleball Camps


Reduced Court rates

Door Access

7-Day Advance Booking

10% off Retail

Clinic Discounts

Event Discounts

Free Stuff


What does it mean to become a member of our Kitchen Crew? It means you become a TEAM member which gives you access to the club via Bluetooth from your cell phone.  It means saving money on events and bookings.  It means being part of a community of Pickleball players who want to experience the best Pickleball game they can have.  It means time in our amazing lounge talking about your best shot of the day or bumping into a pro.  You have to come play with us to get it!


When you become part of THE CREW you become part of Team TopSpin


$50 admin fee (one time sign up)

Sign up swag includes, Topspin tshirt, Selkirk paddle cover and quick sack



Full Court rates

Limited Door Access

2-Day Advance Booking

No discount on Retail

Access to Clinic

Access to Events

No Free Stuff



Best option if you want to try us out!  


If you're you are going to play a few times a month then THE KITCHEN CREW is for you.  


No privileges but you get to experience the TopSpin Difference


No sign-up fee 



What is this??

Do you have a group of players and you want to play at the same time consistently?

If the answer is yes then this program may be for you.  We look at what time and frequencies you want to book and then develop a program to suit your specific Pickleball needs.

This program requires you to book multiple times in a month for extended periods of the year

Contact us (fill out form below) for more details of this program



Is your business looking for a new way to connect with your employees and encourage team building? Want to treat your customers, partners or suppliers to a unique and fun games night? Is someone celebrating a special milestone? We can help event plan and host your most memorable event yet!


Contact us for more information. 

Team Building

Christmas Parties

Family Events

Groups of Friends

Each event is tailored specifically

for your function.  

Fill out the form below to get started


Hit Us Up Anytime

Abbotsford Pickleball Association

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